Drilling an offshore well is a costly affair. Risk and uncertainties need to be properly quantified before starting  expensive projects. SCOUT presents a new suite of software to properly manage these risks and uncertainties, guiding reservoir engineers in decision making process from reservoir exploration to management. The SCOUT job is to understand what’s going on in the subsurface by mapping various terrains, Identifying potential geological objects in the field. The scout hopes to learn from past behavior of field using combination of petroleum engineering and  innovative machine learning algorithms. But above all scout wants to predict well and reservoir behavior at any location, as accurately as possible. Advantages of using SCOUT is having good judgement, making good prediction. Ultimately minimizing risk and uncertainties associated with upstream exploration and production from a reservoir engineers perspective. Using SCOUT system. The user can fly across Gulf of Mexico seabed in 3-D. While enabling various geological features and recovery factor prediction at location where new wells are planned. Figure given below provides the snapshot of areal view which can be viewed in 3-D using SCOUT system. For more information please contact :……..

Reference Paper : SPE-181024






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