Some questions on Ressistivity logs (RL)

“The one thing that a petroleum engineer should be good at, is reading well logs”

— During MDT job when petrophysicist was’nt able to give a good point

1.) How will you determine porous & permeable zone using caliper log?

2.) How will you determine mud invasion using RL?

3.) How will you determine H/C bearing or water bearing zone using RL?

4.) Can you determine Bauma sequence using RL? How about the determination of salinity using RL?

5.) What can be wrong if you are getting Sw of >100% by using Archie’s? Is there any other method to get Sw?

6.) What happens to resistivity, when shale is not mature? Describe Passey’s method to obtain shale maturity using RL logs.

7.) What are some of the other technique to diagnose thin lamination of sand-shale? (ex. temperature array system, ICD’s etc.)


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